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Rogue is a United States (US) based Goalkeeper Equipment Company. We are located in Southaven, Mississippi.

Established in 2010 Rogue offers products for the goalkeeper based on performance and comfort rather than cost. Our goal is to provide the highest quality glove in the market for the best price. Our customers don't have to wait for a glove sale to wear professional quality gloves. We make discounts readily available through our partner trainers as well as our Facebook page. If you want to call our product a value or discount glove you may, but our gloves come from the same production facilities and use the same materials as the gloves you are paying double the price for.

  Rogue Goalkeeping Equipment entered the highly competitive internet goalkeeping equipment market on 1/1/11 after almost a year of research and development. We are slowly grow our product line from soccer (football) goalkeeper gloves to jerseys, bags and training equipment. Rogue is located in Southaven Mississippi, USA and has quickly became a local favorite in Mid South soccer communities. The company was started after it's founder became frustrated at trying to find consistent availability and affordable pricing on quality gloves for his club's goalkeepers. The entire story is located on our history page. Once the decision to start the company was made the process started with a massive learning curve in understanding the materials and the manufacturing process of making goalie gloves. Some of what was learned has been put into informative pages that will hopefully help you with choosing your goalkeeper gloves.

  Goalkeeper gloves are latex which is essentially foam. It has a measurable life that can be extended by properly caring for your goalkeeper gloves  to get the most out of them. Most companies, at least those who demand quality, use the same German latex so Brand Xs giga or SuperSoft latex is the same latex as Brand Ys. The difference, what you pay foris in styling and features. Our styling reflects the mental and physical toughness and independence the goalkeeper must have. Our features are second to none and we are one of the few to have a comfort lining that helps in both hot and cold conditions and keeps your hands from smelling like your gloves at the end of a match or training.


 Our mission is as clear now as the day the company was started. Listen to what goalkeepers want. Put that into a quality product. Make it affordable. Make it available long term. Two of the biggest complaints we found during our market research was lack of a consistent product life and price increases every time a change was made in a line of gloves. Oddly enough those were two of the issues that led to Rogue being started in the first place so when you pick a Rogue glove you can have the confidence that when it's time for a new pair you can still get the same glove you have come to depend instead of starting your search over. We want to hear from those using our products and encourage you to send in an action shot and some comments about your experience with our products and we will post it in the Rogue Gallery.      

We stand behind our products with a manufacturing defect warranty.

We offer our products for a fraction of the price of most online and retail stores.

We offer discounts at the purchase of the second pair.

We also offer discounts for schools, clubs, and trainers.

We have limited sponsorship and sales opportunities available.

To Contact us:

Rogue Goalkeeper Equipment
1482 Whitworth Cove
Southaven, MS 38671